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Pour la liberté de la presse en Hongrie

Photo JSEnviron trois cents personnes se sont retrouvées devant l’ambassade de Hongrie en ce 14 janvier pour protester contre la loi qui muselle la presse dans le pays, entrée en vigueur au 1er janvier, lorsque la Hongrie a pris la présidence de l’Union européenne (cf. cet article de rue89). Au même moment, environ 15 000 personnes manifestaient à Budapest. A Vienne, il y avait une contre-manifestation de six personnes (vignette ci-contre). On lisait « Les Hongrois d’Autriche affirment: la loi sur les médias n’est qu’un prétexte, les banques et les suppôts de la mondialisation doivent laisser la Hongrie tranquille » (les lettres formaient les mot ‘bugs’).

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Certains d’entre eux étaient des réfugiés de 1956, venus en Autriche pour échapper au communisme. La femme au chapeau de fourrure  avait un chien qui aboyait en ma direction « c’est parce que vous avez un vélo, chez moi il a été embêté par un Rom à vélo ! » Ce fut l’occasion pour moi d’aborder le sujet même si c’est délicat avec quelqu’un qui considère que les « citoyens du monde » sont des gauchistes irrécupérables (elle me reprochait de me mêler à ce qui ne me regarde pas, car je ne suis pas hongrois, je lui ai dit que j’étais citoyen du monde et européen). Elle était d’un racisme effarant : « ce sont [les Roms] des assistés qui vivent largement avec de grosses voitures car aux aides de l’Etat. » La veille, j’avais publié sur mon profil Facebook le texte suivant… qui fait écho à ces propos :

Dear FB friends,

I feel very concerned about our fellow European citizenz in Hungary. Commenting on the situation of press freedom in the country (starting from a quite stupid Youtube video), I mentioned the rise of the Jobbik party and my « FB friend » (an  educated woman who studied, writes in good English and so on) wrote « jobbik is very popular because everyone experiences the roma problem ».

I was first astonished that the Roma issue was mentioned so rapidly.

Later, she wrote :

The problem in this country is that the tendency is: you get unemployment benefit if you don’t work + social support after the number of kids you have. Many Roma families have like 8-10 kids / family + dont work and they are standing in lines for social support, but go there with mercedes / bmw (+ the hair of roma women standing in the lines is always dies blonde or red, they are smoking, …) so visibly they are not in such a bad financial situation.

The other problem is that you are not allowed to prevent your private property against stealing. My grandma and cousins live near the eastern border where the Roma population is very high, over 50% in kindergarden classes (my aunt is a kindergarden teacher) there the Roma families have a lot of kids, while the Hungarians cannot afford to have more than 2 if they want to raise them appropriately (not in luxury, just not starving. kindergarden teachers are among the least paid jobs in Hungary)

But that was not all! I received a link on a story of a guy who installed an electric fence around his garden. A Roma got killed trying to trespass, the guy was sentenced to a suspended prison term (http://www.caboodle.hu/nc/news/news_archive/single_page/?tx_ttnews[tt_news]=8490).

And then, I received an English tanslation she made for me of an email « which describes well how people here think about the Roma », even if she finds it « a bit too sharp ».

When I read it, I really thought Roma are considered today in Hungary like Jews during the Worl War II. Judge by yourself:

« The letter of the proud Roma »

I have no work and I do not wear a golden necklace lighter than 1.5 kilos, although I live on state benefit since decades. I proudly terrorize and rob my fellow students and beat up my teachers, even if I manage to finish the 4 grades of primary school in 10-15 years.

I am also proud that I cannot read and write and all my vocabulary is a few dozens of mix-words, and I still have entrepreneur certificate from the authorities.
I am also proud that I cannot read the highway code book and I have never learned car driving, despite of I am alphabetic, I still « got » driving license.I go for benefit exclusively with big Mercedes and big BMW, still all Hungarians protect their little property with fear from me. I am proud that I can steal all statues, metal and cables, the police still do not find me, although when I burn the insulation from the cables, the black smoke can be seen from kilometers away.

I am also proud that I sold all existing doors, windows, elevator doors at the housing estate « Avas » in Miskolc, I « lived down » all apartments, I removed and sold all parquetry, plastic floor and railings.

The Hungarians still do not understand why we still go to shit into the corridor and to the elevator.

I don’t know, even though all farmers cultivate « my garden », they still protect it with electricity when I am going for the fruits and vegetables. I am also proud that the idiot constructors of law – from behind their desks – protect me, and not the owner.

I am also proud that while in America everyone (who has no criminal record) can have weapons, in Hungary only we, criminals can possess them.

I am also proud that even though the police knows all Hungarian criminals with weapons well, they still search the pensioners if the have a stolen egg with them.

I am also proud that you can install the most expensive alarm system in your home, I can still break the window with a brick.

I proudly speak the most primitive language of the world, but you all understand what I mean when I tell: « All rotten Hungarians, they are all racist! »

I am also proud that when I go abroad to steal, all Europe knows that the criminal was a Hungarian!

I am also proud that the idiot Hungarian politicians and courts mix up jurisdiction and racism. When I tell the « magic word » on them that they are racist, they do not dare to punish me.

When the courtroom is filled with my angry family, the jury shits himself and immediately releases me from all accusations, although we didn’t even beat him up yet…

I am proudly going around in troops of forty and with 5-10 cars with knives and samurai swords, the police still fucks with the Hungarian Suzuki driver because of his bulb set.

I am also proud that if I accidentally use public transport, the controller doesn’t dare to ask for my ticket. If he dares, I simply throw him out from the bus because he attacked me.

I am also proud that if I like your apartment or house, 50 of us surround you and you « voluntarily » sign that you sold it to me and got the money for it. A corrupt notary and a rubbish lawyer certify it. And you will be put into prison if you dare to talk about apartment maffia.

I am also proud that the Hungarian women are the most beautiful and I can take home any of them, rape them, kill them and the police do not dare to find me, even if the blood traces lead to the door.

I am also proud that I can calmly kill and desecrate the old 80 year old ladies in their own home then we happily take their 2 bottles of jam.

I am also proud because I can rob and kill anyone unpunished, because the minorit5y representatives will protect me from the victim. They will also prove that the victim attacked my weaponed 400 member family and before he committed suicide and he stabbed himself in the back and kicked himself on the head he fast hit his own Suzuki to wrecks in front of his small daughters sitting inside.

I proudly think of my mother, all of my fathers and of my dozens of grandfathers.

I am proud of my uncounted number of half-brothers and half-sisters who all have similar family names, and whose first names are all from the series Dallas.

I am also proud that I have fucked almost all my minor half-sisters and I also announce it i the afternoons in Monika Show (that can be seen again on the Internet).

I am also proud that the poor Hungarian families do not dare to have children in their poverty, but they are still obliged to support mine.

I am also proud that if the Hungarian small entrepreneurs do not give voluntarily all their money to the state, the Hungarian Tax Authorities take it by force and then they transfer a few milliards from that to us every year.

I am also proud that the

Hungarian Tax Authorities haven’t recognized us yet, even if we paint our houses with the most brilliant colours.

I am also proud that the police do not dare to see us (or they closed themselves with fear to the police office in Siófok) when we for example marched by showing forces and with weapons in daylight in the main street in Siófok, because the restaurant owners didn’t pay us enough to protect them from ourselves.

I am also proud that this is also available on Youtube.

I am also proud that we managed to forbid our only « enemy » the Magyar Garda by the corrupt Hungarian jurisdiction, so that they cannot protect the countryside population from us.

Oh yeah, and I am also proud that whatever we commit, the police of the half-idiot reporter titles us « gentleman » in the Police News and in the News.

It sounds differently for example that during the rape the eyes of the old lady were gouged out and her legs cut off by a « gentleman » (… whose origin we cannot tell, it can only be known that his high number and weaponed family consisting of an-alphabetic « gentlemen » chased the police away…)

I am living here in the heart of Europe and they tell I have nothing to do here. In Enying, Olaszliszka and in the 8th district of Budapest and in half of the country we are the kings and here are Europe’s most terrorizeable Hungarians.

Hungary, I love you like this and I will populate you.

I don’t know how many hundreds of thousands of Hungarians received and approved this, but I find it AWFUL



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  1. coucou.
    Un ptit passage pour vous dire la bonne et surtout heureuse année 2011 !
    Meilleurs voeux

    Commentaire par plombier toulouse | 24 janvier 2011 | Réponse

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