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Shame on Austria, on the Holocaust Remembrance Day!

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On 27 January 2011, 66 years after the liberation of Auschwitz, most countries organize public debates, conferences or special screenings, in the framework of the Holocaust Remembrance Day introduced by the UN in 2005. In Berlin for example, the socialist party invites citizens in the Willy-Brandt-Haus to the screening of Remembering the children (La Mémoire des enfants, by Hannes Gellner and Thomas Draschan).

And what happens in Austria on that day? They decide to ban the largest antifascist demonstration of the country and allow an antisemitic movie to be shown! The demonstration, planed for weeks, was/is supposed to start tomorrow at 5pm to protest against the WKR Ball to be hold on the same day, in the evening. As it is explained here, the elite of Europe’s Extreme Right will meet and celebrate themselves by arranging the infamous prom of the  ‘Wiener Korporations-Ring’ (Viennese Corporation Circle), which takes place in the Viennese Hofburg, the most representative buildings of the Austrian Republic (like the White House in the US or L’Elysée in France). The same scandal took place last year, the police made sure the neonazis would not be disturbed by stopping the demonstration. At least 14 people were arrested, some were injured, I reported and took photos.

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