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Interlude photographique (2)

"Mode d'emploi en allemand disponible à la caisse"

A nouveau un interlude photographique (cf. celui-ci) avec cette photo prise dans le magasin Matha (cf. ce billet). Voilà qui ferait frémir les électeurs d’extrême droite : dans ce magasin de produits que nous appelons encore « exotiques », des statuettes chrétiennes sont reléguées sur la dernière étagère. Une affiche annonce que pour ces curieux objets de culte, une notice en langue allemande est disponible à la caisse. C’est vrai que personnellement, je ne saurais quoi faire avec ces statuettes !

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From the Kerala to Vienna, a multicultural success story

Vienna’s 12th district, Meidling, tends to be a very interesting place to live in. It is of course very convenient, with the enlarged railway station in the vicinity of the Schönbrunn Palace, and it is also really getting more and more cosmopolite. The Matha Supermarket, for instance, opened twelve years ago: they’re selling now about 12,000 products coming from Asia, India, Africa or South America and they are currently expanding. Last Summer they also opened a travel agency and in November they took over a beauty shop close to the subway station.

This is where I met Yu Yun Chang, the only employee of the Matha company who works at the beauty shop. Since most of the people from the supermarket are from Kerala, the South West State of India, I was astonished to see a Chinese woman. Yu Yun is born in Kolkata, like her two parents. It is only one of her grandfathers who came from China to India and today the chinese community in India is estimated at 200,000 people. She belongs more precisely to the Hakka people (80 million people worldwide) who are known to be endogamous. At the age of 23, in 1992, Yu Yun came to Vienna to join her husband who was already living in the Austrian capital. They both became Austrian citizens even their German is not perfect and they today they speak a mix of Mandarin, Hakka and German with their 13 year old daughter. Yu Yun worked as a hair dresser, took classes to learn German but still encounters difficulties to find a job in an Austrian hair salon. This is why she started to work for the Keralan owner of the Matha company, speaking a mix of English and German with them. Lire la suite

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