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The essence of the movement “Occupy Israel”… discussed in Vienna

Daniel Dor and Isolde Charim - Vienna, 6 Dec. 2011

Daniel Dor was invited in Vienna on 6 December at the Bruno Kreisky Forum for international dialog. He works at the Department of Communication of the Tel Aviv University and plays a major role in the protest movement “Occupy Israel” that started in July 2011. His fascinating speech took place in a series “Democracy Reloaded” conceived by Isolde Charim. She mentioned that the Bruno Kreisky now defines itself as a public think tank and it is true that it has become over the years a real space for constructive debates. Regarding Israel, for instance, I had the pleasure to attend to the lectures given by Esther Benbassa, Shlomo Sand and Avraham Burg (see my review on E. Benbassa’s book, the report on S. Sand’s conference or the one on A. Burg‘s).


D. Dor explained he wanted Lire la suite

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