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Last night when I wrote on the honorary citizenships given to Hitler and various Nazis, I noticed that Eduard Paul Tratz (1888-1977) had been given an honorary citizen of the city of Salzburg award in 1963. Tratz first became well known for his inauguration of a Salzburg ‘Haus der Natur’ (natural history museum) in 1924, but he was also a long term member of the Austrian Nazi Party.  During the war he worked in the field of eugenics for a Nazi office called the Ahnenerbe that had been established by Himmler in 1935. Tratz wrote in Natur ist alles (1943) that human societies should let crippled and weak people die to improve the Aryan race. He became an SS-Hauptsturmführer and received the Deaths-head Ring and Order of Blood awards.  He was imprisoned for two years after the war, but then he was restored to the directorship of the ‘Haus der Natur’ in 1949. Heather Pringle later revealed that plaster casts of his supposed ideal types of Nordic and Jewish ‘races’ remained on display at the ‘Haus der Natur’ into the 1990s.  This was the man who was awarded the honorary citizenship in 1963.

In 1969 the ‘Naturschutzbund,’ a federation of associations that aim to protect nature, decided to award a « Eduard Paul Tratz Medal » to scientists who significantly contributed to the preservation of the environment. This is how their webpage looked, until today!

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