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Avraham Burg in Vienna – The difficulty of express criticism of Israel


Hitler für alle Zeiten besiegen (Buchbesprechung von R. Pohoryles)

A former Knesset speaker and erstwhile chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel, Avraham Burg, today enjoys merely being an Israeli author, ‘not even a historian’, as he said when he was invited to hold a talk at the Bruno Kreisky Forum on 5 November 2009. The event was not open to the public because Burg is a very controversial figure to many people. His last book, The Holocaust Is Over – We Must Rise From its Ashes, which has just been translated into German, gave the occasion for his invitation to the conference. In Hebrew, the title was Defeating Hitler, following the idea that if the Jewish people were to stay traumatized by the extermination of European Jews during World War II (for which the misnomers ‘Holocaust’ or ‘Shoah’ are widespread), then Hitler would have won the war. In his book, he used words like ‘Shoahization’ or ‘Shoah industry’ (p. 5) to challenge the pivotal role played by this concept in Israeli and, to some extent, Jewish identity. Well aware of such provocative views, the director of the Bruno Kreisky Forum decided to restrict the audience to a short-list of about 30 people.

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