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Will Austrian tabloid journalists ever learn history and acknowledge their past?   


« Österreich », 19. Nov. 2018, p. 19

This is how an Austrian daily, Österreich, reports on a march commemorating the 80 years of the Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass, Reichspogromnacht) in its edition from November 9th (p. 19). The demonstration was part of the series of Thursdays protest marchs against the government where the extreme right party has the lead.

Titel: Protest paralyzed the whole city
In the middle of the second column: This time they also wanted to remember the Jews who were put in jail by the police during the November pogroms.
End of the article: Car drivers could only breathe again after 8pm. “The worst traffic chaos was then gone”, said the Austrian Touring Club representative Alfred Obermayr.

Well, the reality is quite different. It lasted in Vienna many days, more than 30 people died, 6.547 Viennese were arrested and more than 4.000 of them were then deported to the Dachau concentration camp. 42 synagogues were set on fire. But for the journalist of Österreich, the most important thing to report is the traffic-jam generated by the protest march.
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9 November 1938 – 9 November 2018, historical truth still urgently needed!

Weinheber1drapo-d-at Hier unten auf Deutsch – drapo-fr Ci-dessous en français – לאנגלית גוללו מטה drapo-isr

Every now and then, I run up to the Kahlenberg, a Viennese hill with a fantastic view over the city. This morning, 9 November 2018, I noticed that the plaque with a poem by Josef Weinheber had been supplemented. Weinheber was a devoted nazi, member of the NSDAP (Nazi party) as early as 1931. Long before the war started, he regularly complained about the Jews « dominating » the literary market, thus keeping his talent from being recognised. He wrote a poem for Hitler’s birthday and the Führer put him on the list of “divinely gifted” prominent Nazi artists who were exempt from any war service (see the Wikipedia entry). Until recently, one of his poems was on display on the Kahlenberg without any biographical notes. Exactly 80 years after the “Kristallnacht” (pogrom against Jews in a November night in 1938), some people thought this should change. Lire la suite

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