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Mr. Schönborn involved in a case of sexual abuse

  lastest news (30.11.2011), mit Video, hier unten! BRISANT!

The Archbishop of Vienna and President of the Austrian Bishops Conference, Christoph Schönborn, has unassuming blue eyes and looks as though he could appear in a commercial. He holds weekly columns in two of the most well-read Austrian daily tabloids, the Kronen Zeitung and the free newspaper Heute. Of course, when Hans Dichand, the chief-editor of the xenophobic Kronen Zeitung, passed away, Mr. Schönborn praised the man who “understood that religion was part of human being” (see this entry). It seems highly unlikely that he would criticize a newspaper which hosts one of his weekly columns.

In connection with the recent Austrian civic movement aimed at reneging the church’s privileges in the country, an incriminating video from 1995 has recently surfaced. Lire la suite

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