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L'Autriche vue par un universitaire français…

A different voice is sounding through Europe!

High-profile Jewish intellectuals dare to criticize Israeli policy. ‘Uncritical support of Israel does not support Israel’, as Roger Cohen put it last Friday. After Avraham Burg last autumn, who was invited to the Bruno Kreisky Forum (here my report), the Institute for the Human Sciences (IWM) decided to welcome Roger Cohen, the well-known Middle-East journalist and weekly columnist (International Herald Tribune and New York Times) to deliver its annual lecture. Besides the appeal for his own cause ­– ‘journalists bear witness, no miracle of technology will replace them’ –­, he dealt with two, partly interwoven important issues in current international relations, on the one hand, the strained relations between Iran and the US, and, on the other, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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