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When promising theater turns to dubious postmodern cabaret – Linz ’09

Official poster of the Purimspil (a comment? "Kolossale Finesse", no?)

It’s always difficult to write about a play which one did not like. I mean, I guess we all want to support cultural initiatives and in my case, I had many good reasons to travel to Linz and experience the Purimspil, staged by the Israeli David Maayan. I really mean « experience » because almost four years ago, I had been very enthusiastic about Family Table (Familientisch) during the Wiener Festwochen 2005. We started in the streets around the Schauspielhaus, each group of 7 to 10 people led by one actor who told us about his/her life, and more precisely the exile they lived. The specificity of the surroundings was smartly integrated in the plot which was told, a tree which went over a fence was used to tell childhood reminiscence, the history-laden Jewish cemetery of the Seegasse was also part of the story. We then took the tram and all the groups arrived in a depot of one of the main train station (Westbahnhof). There, it appeared that we all sat at a huge table were the stories told by the different actors one hour before began to interfere one with another.

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